OLDBAG was founded in 2006 by Argentinian born, Sydney, Australian raised Designer Lidia Gerster-Morales. 

Her nationalities extend from Argentina, Chile, Australia to Switzerland, living in all 3 Continents.

Lidia Gerster-Morales has done extensive work as a Visual Merchandiser & Design Consultant in the Lighting, Product and Textile Industry.

She is an Interior Designer as well as an independent business manager.

 Today she lives with her partner and Schnauzer on Lake Constance, Switzerland.

Both Designers co-own Eco-Friendly Hotel BEDHUB Swisslodge Arbon® 

- - - - - -

 2004 she graduated with 1st Class Honors at the University of Technology Sydney, specializing in Interior Design, Textile Printing & Technology and Lighting.

 2006 she co-launched with her Graphic Designer husband Benjamin Gerster, "CUPHUB Design Kultur Cafè" in Arbon Switzerland, 

collaborating  on many events in the Music & Cultural Arts scene

 2010 they were awarded top 15 "BEST OF BARS & NIGHTLIFE" in Switzerland by Best of Swiss Gastro.

 2011 they launched Eco-Friendly Hotel BEDHUB Swisslodge Arbon® Switzerland on Lake Constance.

 2011 they were awarded "Bratwürst der Woche" a  recognition for the best 100 people in East Switzerland by the Anzeiger newspaper in conjunction  with the famous OLMA Exhibition in St. Gallen.

2013 they were awarded "Eco-Partner Silver" by Trip Advisor

2018 Both Designers still co-own Eco-Friendly Hotel BEDHUB Swisslodge Arbon® 



 Jakob Schlaepfer SG

CUPHUB Design Kultur Café Arbon TG

Gereis AG TG,

Goldmarie Boutique SG

Glam in Boutique ZH

Wordworker TG

Musical Rosengarten SG

E.Noi Jeweller SG

Tom Munz Architekt SG

Visione Licht SG

Kulturtage Arbon TG

Konform Messebau TG



Country Floors, Woollhara

ECC Lighting & Living, Paddington

Euroluce Lighting, Paddington

University of Technology Design Library, Ultimo