Originally launched in Sydney Australia, 

we produce limited collections of handcrafted Accessories and Capes for Men & Women since 2006. With our philosophy to be future conscious, each piece is handmade with natural textiles, traditional Swiss Embroideries & Eco-Friendly Prints.


Let us inspire you with our explosion of  colors and textures.

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 The  print motif for each scarf is designed and produced in Switzerland by renowned & award winning Textile Designer Martin Leuthold

Keeping century old textile traditions from Switzerland, the collection of small couture handbags and collars are made with high-tech embroidery off-cuts exclusively produced in Switzerland

S H O P  O N L I N E

for our basic range


Our collection of Inkjet Printed Capes, Stolas and Kimonos are flooded with explosive floral bouquets that won't disappoint your eye

Composé is the art of composing notes and details to textiles, making them three-dimensional. The intricate minute manual work involves sewing appliqué motifs such as Laser-cut flowers, ribbons or Swarovski stones. Each piece is therefore unique, embodying a playful youthful style. 

With it's loose fitting form, our dress and blouse collection are designed to fit any body shape. We want all attention on the intricate magnificent floral prints, that will never cease to surprise you.

As we believe in Sustainability, we provide you the opportunity for a bespoke service in your choice of fabrics and leathers.

 Practical and highly durable, our sustainable Leather collection is made with  Swiss leathers and metal zippers from our hometown. 



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Featured in FRANKIE magazine, Australia

Featured in TEXTIL REVUE magazine, Switzerland